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10 Tips For You to Connect More Fully To Yourself

by | Mar 12, 2019

Hello! It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post. I’ve been focusing on using Instagram and playing with graphics, I kinda forgot how much I like to really write! I’ve also been hard at work with an amazing website developer/designer to create a whole new look. I love it and I hope you like the changes as well. It’s funny (and weird and slightly uncomfortable) to think of myself as a “brand”, or worthy of the money it takes to become a real player in the world of coaching. I’m rolling my own eyes at that last one. I’m not a player. I’m just me, doing the best I can to help as many women as I can to feel better. That’s it. My mission: help women in midlife remember their power and reclaim their voices.

If I were I tree I’d live here with this one!

Anyway, back to the post.
This past weekend I had the absolute blessing and fortune to be able to travel to Santa Cruz and then into the mountains to a really kickass place for a workshop. And the cherry on top was meeting up with a dear friend I don’t get to spend much time with. What I love about this friend is how much we laugh, open up, swear, have shared experiences having kids of similar ages, swear, enjoy food, swear, roll our eyes, laugh, swear and allow each other to be exactly who the other is. We couldn’t be more different. We couldn’t like or respect each other more.

My friend found this workshop for practitioners and healers who are empaths, or who want to use their intuition more in their work. SWOON. If you don’t know Judith Orloff, check her out. She’s an MD and a whack-a-doodle highly empathic intuitive. I use whack-a-doodle in the most loving way, she’s fully herself and I fucking dig that. Check out Judith’s info and book here. If you believe you might be an empath take the quiz then read the book “The Empath’s Survival Guide”.

What I walked away from this weekend with wasn’t what I thought I’d get. (Is it ever?) While I got some good tips, tools, and resources, what I really got was some deep and clarifying “wow’s”. Mostly about myself (duh), but in relation to others in my life as well. I also got a reminder that as I travel more deeply into the woods of middle age, and on this journey of “remembering my power and reclaiming my voice”, people who are on a similar path will show up. And did they ever this past weekend.

If you, dear reader, are on a similar path-one to find yourself, your people, your power, your voice-here are some takeaways from the workshop that might work for you:
1. STAY OPEN & CURIOUS: the minute you allow yourself to move out of judgement and into curiosity you will find others who want to connect and to whom you have more in common with than you may have first thought.
2. GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD: if I could boil down the entire weekend of learning into one take away, it would be to get connected to your heart and get out of your head. Whether you want to increase your intuition or simply just feel better and more at ease, having a daily practice of connecting to your heart and body can only help.
3. HAVE A DAILY PRACTICE: see above, but also creating a sacred, special place just for you can help a lot.
4. TRUST YOURSELF: you are so much wiser than you know and the more you can trust yourself that you know what’s right for you the faster your journey will go toward a more peaceful inner life.
5. LESS FIXING, MORE HOLDING SPACE: when someone you love is in pain we have the desire to help them out of pain as quickly as possible by offering solutions. But the reality is that pain in life is inevitable. The more we can simply hold space for people’s discomfort the more we teach them that their pain is ok and that they, at a core level, are ok too.
6. YOU ARE NOT ALONE: however you feel, however uncomfortable in your life or on this planet, or however comfortable and connected, you simply are not alone. There are others who feel exactly like you do. Others who experience the shadow parts of themselves as you do. Others who are waiting to be exactly what you need in your life.
7. ASK & LISTEN: when you connect to yourself ask one question that you’d like an answer to, then LISTEN. A good question is “what do I need?” When you ask and then really commit to getting silent (aka. shutting the hell up with the constant narration in your head…the one we all wrestle with and the point of meditation), trust yourself, and then listen, there will always be an answer.
8. USE YOUR DREAMS: you can do asking during dream state. Ask 1, only 1 question. Then the second you wake up, before anything else, try to remember your dream and then use it to get some answers. Dreamstate is when the annoying narration is offline.
9. CONNECT TO NATURE: go outside. Forest bathe. Watch butterflies. Look at the ocean. Touch a tree. Put your feet on the earth. And breathe.
10. RELAX: commit to relaxing. Can you get 10% more comfortable? Can you breathe more deeply? Can you laugh more? Can you play more? Life is supposed to be fun! What can you do to relax into the fun parts more?

There you go. 10 takeaways to consider.

May you find some relaxing space, time to connect, nature to love, and a good friend to laugh & swear with!

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