Women in Midlife...

Are you ready to finally revamp your thinking and THRIVE in Midlife?

In this action packed 5-day challenge you will understand the old thinking patterns that no longer serve you, get tools to use in your everyday life to shift mindset blocks holding you back, finally understand how to use your inner compass to help you navigate your way through midlife and beyond!

Free 5 Day Challenge

Identify & Transform the 

Midlife Mindset Holding You Back

A five day challenge to finally understand mindset blocks, and how to revamp your thinking to THRIVE in midlife!



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We start LIVE on January 13, 2020

Struggling to get a hold of your mindset?

Breaking promises to yourself?

Lacking motivation and purpose?

Join The Midlife Empowerment Coach, Sam Salenger, as she walks your through her

step-by-step plan to identify & transform your midlife mindset.

Here's what we're going to cover during this FREE 5-day training:

Day 1: Thinking Pitfalls and

 how to identify yours. Recognize 

thoughts that will suck you in 

like quicksand.

Day 2: Break old thinking patterns

and pitfalls. Why getting some space is freedom and it's all yours for the taking.

Day 3: Get the Golden Questions

to challenge and escape thinking quicksand

and free yourself.

Day 4: Meet and subdue your Inner Dictator.

Conquer that mean voice 

in your head.

Day 5: Discover your inner compass.

Tools to empower, energize, & enthuse 

your mindset to thrive.

About your host: Sam Salenger, Empowerment Coach for Women in Midlife

Sam spent years as elementary and art teacher, raising children and living a predictable and somewhat unfulfilling life. In 2013, after her divorce, Sam was looking for something more...a spark and a purpose beyond motherhood. Finally in 2016, Sam "stumbled" into coaching on her way to get a masters in psychology, and she knew she had found her place.

Sam has dedicated the last 3 years to learning, researching, reading, talking and living coaching. She started her practice in 2017 and since then has helped many women live happier, purpose filled lives. 

She helps her clients both one-on-one in her office in Portland, Oregon, as well as virtually around the world. Sam loves to watch her private clients transform, her groups come alive with understanding, and her classes inspire women to thrive in midlife.

What REAL LIFE WOMEN Are Saying About Sam...

Sam came into my life during a really challenging time and helped me to find my inner strength, perspective, and the confidence I needed to take some big steps in my life. Her supportive and nurturing approach, along with her honesty and sense of humor, makes for a powerful, enjoyable and transformative experience. 

Johanna Cena,


When Sam is facilitating a group she creates a very safe space which encourages and allows women to connect on a very deep level. It is clear that Sam comes to each group with a realness and a commitment to being a part of the group, not above it. The energy with which she leads a group is one that says “ I have been there, I’m in this with you.” Because Sam is relatable, authentic, and open her groups encourage empowerment and community.

Julie Miller,


I began coaching at a time when it felt like every part of my life was in transition. I was grieving the loss of a life imagined and hopeful. Big time. With compassion, honesty, sensitivity, and great wit, Sam helped me see that I was not starting over, I was starting NEW. She guided me to ask challenging, yet essential questions...Weilding insight, and boundless grace, she offered tools and insights to start down the path of Finding Me-the path where the desires and decisions reflect the truth in my heart, mind and spirit. What a lovely thing to understand, now, that every step taken can be a step closer to my best self.

LeeAnn Williamson,

Speech Pathologist

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