Rediscover Your Confidence


There’s nothing worse than dreading each day…

…to move through your life just checking off to-do lists and just getting through. Sadly, many women feel this way. They wake up, glance at the clock, and hit the snooze button because, frankly, they have nothing to look forward to.

They finally drag themselves out of bed with a sigh and vow to make it through the day without breaking down in frustrated tears, bashing someone in the face, or jumping into a barrel of margaritas by 9:30 am. By middle age, we thought we’d have this life thing nailed, didn’t we?

We figured we’d be living the lives of our dreams by the time we reached 50.

It’s awful to feel like you’ve failed and wasted your life when it’s just half way done. Terrible to not really know who you are, what you want, or how to get it even if you did know. Women in middle age feel disconnected, disempowered, anxious and defeated. They go to jobs that are empty, or stay in marriages that don’t feel fulfilling, or white knuckle their way through parenting.

But life doesn’t have to be that way.

Going from ‘meh’ to ‘hell yeah’ is totally doable, and not that difficult! I have spent the last two years developing a process that takes my clients from struggling to feeling present, connected, and joyful in their lives. My clients go from defeated to empowered, confident, and delighted. We all get caught up in the hamster wheel of our thoughts, I will help you shift your mindset, own your story, and tap into your power and passion.

You will be amazed at how quickly your life will shift. Not only will you feel better, your relationships with loved ones will improve, your engagement at work will increase, and you will feel stronger and clearer than you can even imagine.

Old Stories

Together we’ll unearth the stories you’ve been telling yourself for years that have been holding you back

Old Thinking

We’ll also search for and uncover old ways of thinking that are unknowingly sabotaging your success

New Strategy

With the stories that have been holding you hostage revealed, we’ll clear a new path toward your purpose and passion

New Strength

A new plan isn’t enough, so we’ll also identify possible challenges and put a battle plan in place to defeat them

Why work with me?

Why work with me? I know what it’s like to feel alone in a house full of people. I understand the sadness of turning 40 and thinking my life was wasted. I’ve lived through the soul sucking days of knowing there was more for me and not having a clue what exactly that was.

As an intuitive person, I was disconnected from myself, and that felt awful. Now, however, through rigorous training, hundreds of hours of coaching and being coached, and a whole lot of personal development, I have learned how to help women who are suffering like I was.

The Coaching Package: Thrive in Midlife

*3 months of 1:1 coaching

 *Up to three 60 minute sessions per month 

 *Two “911” 20 minute rescue sessions

 *Evidence based principles, skills and tools

 *Between session practice to solidify new learning

 *Email support

 ***BONUS: Access to all online/in person training 

Total Investment: $525/month 



“…best work I’ve ever done…”

Julie M

I didn’t believe in myself, I didn’t know what I wanted, and I was buying into the stories that I wasn’t worthy. Now, I am following my dreams. Sam helped me cut through all the stories and negative self talk to see that I am capable of achieving anything I put my mind to. This is the best work I’ve ever done and in the shortest amount of time. It was scary and real, and totally worth it.


If you are ready to go from merely surviving to thriving in your life, fill in the application below. After reviewing your submission, I will personally respond to you within 48 hours to reveal the next steps to moving forward!


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