Ready to Rock Midlife…and make a vision board?



Do you ever struggle to do things just for yourself? Do you wonder how other women just seem to be calmer, more alert, and not as overwhelmed as you are? Do you wish you could just figure out what the fuck you actually want already?? If so then you are in the right place.

You may not be ready to sign up for a program, but spending half a day with some other women digging into what you want and taking time to create a visual reminder about what’s important to you is a great place to start.

Hi, I’m Sam. I love to teach. Before becoming a coach I was an elementary classroom and then an art teacher. Now I love to teach women how to find the faintest whispers of their true selves, and then how to honor those whispers and start kicking some ass. Making a vision board may seem trivial and kinda stupid, but there is science behind the frivolity. 

The whole point of taking a vision board workshop is to slow down enough to tune into yourself.

Cutting pictures out of some magazines and slapping them onto a poster board isn’t going to do diddly squat to change your life. BUT, when you spend 3 hours in a circle of other women who are on the journey to remember their own small whisper of truth, that can be unbelievably empowering. 

A chance to slow down, put yourself first, quiet your mind, and get honest will go a long, long way to feeling empowered. 

I schedule 5 hours for a vision board workshop because it’s the work before the cutting and pasting that counts. I’ve developed a curriculum that encourages to find out what’s really important to you right now, and then how to start working toward the goals you uncover.

This spring,  join me at this seasonal workshop and get ready to kick some ass!

June 1, 9am-2pm

Sacred Money Studios & Prosperity Pie Shoppe

$175-includes all materials, workbook, short art lesson 


I promise that you have so much joy, passion, and happiness inside you! My greatest skill is teaching women to connect to their own confidence, to be aligned with their goals, and to feel their own power. Signing up for a half a day to show up for YOU can be a great kickstart to living the life of your dreams!



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