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Mindset, and why it’s important.

by | Jan 11, 2018

What is mindset? Well, I’ve found a few different definitions…

“The established set of attitudes held by someone”

“Beliefs about yourself and your most basic qualities”

“A belief that orients the way we handle situations”

“A collection of thoughts and beliefs that shape your thought habits.”

Ok, you get the idea.

So, why is mindset so dang important?

It’s pretty simple really. To quote the Buddhist teachers and neuroscientists: where thoughts go…energy flows. To be less “woo woo” about it: if you think you are a no good, piece of sh*t loser you’re going to find evidence to support those thoughts. And vice versa. Essentially, what you think and believe about yourself and the world dictates your life.

Bad news: we are primed and built to have a negativity bias. This is what kept us alive before cell phones. We have to work extra hard to overcome this.

Good news: mindset is shiftable!! (Shiftable isn’t a word…yet, just wait, it’ll catch on!) Carol Dweck, world-renowned Standford Psychology researcher and professor coined the term mindset, and illuminated the difference between growth and fixed mindsets. What Dweck, and many others since, have proven is that mindset can change. When we focus on the positive, good things happen.

Now, does that mean if you think “I’m totally sure I’m going to win Powerball” it’ll happen? No. I’m not a wizard. But what it does mean is that if you start intentionally focusing on things like gratitude, excitement, small wins, and what is truly meaningful at a deep level then more stuff will happen for you to be grateful, excited, and feel victorious about. Which will shift your mindset more, which will produce more awesome stuff. Get it?

I recently had a client who started shifting big time. Like really big. (side note: it was so fun to watch and see his life change which is why I do this work!) And he said to me “I really didn’t think I could do all this stuff. So many good things have happened to me lately and it’s like it all started when i started to think differently…is that weird?” No sir. That’s mindset.



ps. Mindset isn’t always easy to change when you’re alone in the swamp of your mind. Know who’s great at helping people shift mindset? A coach. If you’re ready for some shiftable goodness, read below!

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