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Self Care

by | Apr 25, 2018

Can we talk for a minute about self care? Mmmmkay, great.

What does self care mean to you? Does it mean getting a mani/pedi once in a while? Taking a long hot bath? Scheduling a massage? Having a girls night out? A rare weekend away?

That’s what it meant to me too.

But then the “pause” hit. And by this adorable nickname, I mean THE CHANGE…menopause. Along with all the other symptoms, it seems I’m now the proud owner of migraines. So far, I can’t say I’m a fan.

Yesterday, I had a lot of plans, and a lot to get done. And it was gorgeous out. And I felt like absolute dog shit with zero reason why. Yesterday I felt like a wrung out rag. It was all I could do to get on a call and make it through. By the time it was over I crawled up to my bed to just lie down just for a moment.

This isn’t me! I’m a doer… a mover and a shaker. I had no idea what was wrong with me. And I was lying there mentally kicking myself for being a lazy ass and not doing all the things. 3 hours later….I woke up. WTF??? So…maybe I’m not so well, I thought. My migraines tend to sneak up on me. And this one was like an Israeli sniper wearing cotton ball shoes. (I imagine that would be quiet and deadly…)

The migraine continued into the evening and then…poof, it vanished. I don’t like this unpredictable bullshit. I’m spontaneous, but for things like road trips, and ice cream. This not knowing what’s happening to my body is uncomfortable for me…literally and figuratively.

So, it’s been making me think about self care. I believe we must shift our mindset around self care. As our bodies change and our hormones go on blackout benders and wreak havoc, we must be softer and kinder with ourselves. If I mentally beat myself up for resting when I must, what good is that rest? The reality is: all the shit I didn’t get done will be there tomorrow. And also this: the world is not going to fall apart if I can’t show up today.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on self care in this new age. Y’know the one…not in the beginning, not at the end, the other one…in the middle. How are you shifting your own self care? How are you managing your asshole critic to tells you that you aren’t doing enough?

Humankind. Be both to yourself!

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