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I want nothing more than to help you love your life! There is nothing better than waking up and feeling inspired, but don’t take my word for it, check out what these wonder women, and past clients have to say:

I began coaching with Sam at a time when it felt that almost every part of my life was in transition. I was grieving the loss of a life imagined and hoped for. Bigtime. With compassion, honesty, sensitivity, and great wit, Sam helped me see that I was, in fact, not starting over. I was starting NEW. She guided me to ask myself challenging, yet essential, questions. Who am I? Who do I want to be? What are my strengths? And what are the gremlins that I allow to hold me back? Wielding insight and boundless grace, she offered tools and strategies to help me start down the Winding Path of Finding Me — the path where my desires and decisions reflect the truth in my heart, mind, and spirit. What a lovely thing to understand now that every step taken can be a step closer to my best self.

LeeAnn Williamson

I am so glad that I talked with Liz and she connected me to you. I feel that our time together has been incredibly eye-opening and valuable for me, and has impacted my personal and work life very positively. Your guidance is authentic and patient and your style allowed me to really listen and understand what you were meaning and how to be aware of the self-limiting words and behaviours that had begun to be my pattern. I am so excited for what the new year will bring for me!

Amanda Hensley

Working with Sam was an eye-opening pleasure. She is an endless fount of wisdom, presence, and perspective. She reads people and situations so accurately, asks powerful questions, and provides countless gems of thoughts to consider. I cannot recommend her coaching enough.

Libby Meis, Seattle, WA

Sam is an amazing coach! She helped me to schedule quality time with my family, grieve some past hurts, and take action on my business goals. She approached each session with grace and sincerity. I am forever grateful for the time Sam spent with me coaching.

Angie McNulty, Eugene, OR

Sam has got the skills! Her compassionate style of open and candid communication combined with a rocking sense of humor immediately sets the tone for a dynamic discussion. She has an innate talent of allowing the sessions to unfold organically by carefully listening to her clients, identifying their subconscious thoughts, and then, reframing them in a way that encourages keen reflection and clarity. By posing insightful questions to help elicit honest feelings and responses, and then providing appropriate feedback, she helped me to sincerely see myself. In my case, she gently mirrored my negative thought patterns, in a non-judgmental manner, and I was then able to clearly observe my stuck behaviors and in turn, authentically shift my perspective to a healthy, positive and productive outlook. She intuitively guided all of our conversations with a thoughtful ease to ensure my proposed desires were also aligned with simple actionable goals. Partnering with her has already helped me to to achieve tangible results, both, personally and professionally.

​ Ashley Maxwell

Sam has coached me through a countless range of transitions. From parenting issues, divorce and post-divorce challenges, relationship questions and career considerations, Sam has asked the most clarifying questions and helped me make the best choices. Her guidance is so helpful, supportive and inspiring. Her wisdom and wit make each coaching session so interesting and illuminating. She is an amazing coach!

Belita Palu-ay

This job we manifested together when you gave me that boost to chase something big that would also give me time to strategize about my future website we spoke about is seriously awesome! Thank you for you and all you do to empower and inspire!

Stephanie Naess

I had an amazing breakthrough working with Sam. She has great energy and an ability to help you see through the clutter so you can determine your next right step. Sam’s ability to listen and help you hone in on the essential question provided me so much clarity in a short period of time. I highly recommend working with Sam when you are tired of being stuck and ready to move forward!

La’Kita Williams

When I started working with Sam I was in a place of fuzziness. I didn’t believe in myself, I didn’t know what I wanted, how to even start if I did know, and I was totally buying into the stories that I wasn’t worthy. Now, I know exactly what my life is going to be like. I am following my dreams, I have clear goals, and I understand why I am passionate about creating the life I want. I have a feeling of freedom because I’ve pulled back the layers of all the bullshit that were keeping me living small and in fear. Sam helped me cut through all the stories, negative self talk, and stories to see that I am capable of achieving anything I put my mind to. This is the best work I’ve ever done and in the shortest amount of time. It was scary and real, and totally worth it.

Julie Miller

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