Midlife with Moxie



Do You Ever Feel Like…

You’ve Wasted Your Chance

Do you feel like you’ve wasted your shot to become who you wanted to be? Like the spark and excitement are gone?

Putting Yourself First is Wrong

Do you feel guilty or selfish for toying with the idea of thinking about what you want instead of focusing on everyone else?

You Just Don’t  Feel Like Yourself 

Do you feel like you’re living a halfway life, or seem like you can’t handle the same stuff you used to?

Hi, I’m Sam

I’m an Intuitive Empowerment Coach for women in midlife. Why? Because I know the feeling of being lost. I know what it’s like to want more, even when everyone around you keeps telling you how lucky you are. I’m on a mission to help women remember their power and reclaim their voices. If you’re ready to get more from life, find your passion, and thrive instead of survive, you’ve come to the right place.

Ready for a Midlife Makover?

It can be a daunting (and somewhat impossible) task to figure out how to change our lives by ourselves. Good news – you don’t have to. I work with women every day to help them shift out of their ruts, find their confidence and strength, reconnect with the kick-ass truth of who they are, and make powerful, empowered changes in their lives.


Bring back the spark of joy in your life and become a force that is truly magnetic to all those around you


Feel certain in your decisions, leave the pressure of perfection behind you, and experience a stronger sense of self


Have the power to weather any storm, go after that dream, and love more deeply than ever before

“…had an amazing breakthrough…”

La’Kita Williams

“I had an amazing breakthrough working with Sam. She has great energy and an ability to help you see through the clutter so you can determine your next right step. Sam’s ability to listen and help you hone in on the essential question provided me so much clarity in a short period of time. I highly recommend working with Sam when you are tired of being stuck and ready to move forward!”

How Does It Work?

Schedule Session

Schedule your free Midlife Rescue session below to clarify your goals and remove common obstacles

Create a Plan

We’ll then create a detailed plan of action to help you move from where you are to where you want to be

Rock Your Life

Finally we’ll work together to bring your plan to life and help you live a life on your terms: passionate and proud


Imagine if one click could change your life – because it can. Take the leap and schedule your free session below. Together we’ll bring clarity to what you really want, uncover what’s standing in your way, and create a plan to live midlife with moxie!


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